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    BASIC Records
    [Basilicata Sound
    Innovation Community]

    Social and multicultural Hub of sound innovation
    in contemporary music.

    BASIC Records
    [Basilicata Sound Innovation Community]

    Social and
    hub of sound
    innovation in

  • our vision

    Our vision
    [Consciousness] [Consciousness]

    Revolution starts with Music,
    play the revolution you want.


Artists Stories and News

  • Auralysm

    IDM, Neurofunk and Experimental Techno project by Simone Marolda. Deep and cerebral psychedelic sound experimentation with a mystical atmospheric attitude. Simone is a musical genius from Basilicata.

  • Psychill Project from Trani Based Duo. Deep and groovy sound with a mystical atmospheric attitude. Teddy and Bruno blend real instruments and natural sounds with electronics.

  • South Italy based poli-instrumentalist, producer, multimedia designer and developer behind BASIC multimedia studios. He Plays music since 1993, performs live with real instruments, computer and eclectic psychedelic electronics.

  • Starting in 1996, djing hardcore, techno and progressive, in 2000 he starts playing in a reggae band and producing mental ragga'n'bass music for your ears.

  • Guitar player and producer from Basilicata, mixing prog rock and vibrant guitar textures with electronics.

  • Polyhedric Orchesta

    Polyhedric Orchestra is a collaborative project, based on a polymorphic artistic entity producing music, visuals, graphics. Motley panorama of music genres all combined to converge on experimental productions.

  • Verde is Dario Gallicchio solo Project, ambient techno fly over ethereal and psychedelic textures.

About Basic Records

”Music tells you what it's like to be the Universe“

BASIC [Basilicata Sound Innovation Community] is a music social Hub, record label, social mix and mastering studio. The Idea behind this project is letting talented music artists being produced, promoted and distributed in a social and sustainable way. We are a non-profit and social promotion association based in the awesome scenario of Basilicata, a region of southern Italy full of magical forests and amazing shores. We focus on a new era music exploration, so all forms of music research are welcome. Now we accept demos, so, don't esitate to send us yours, following these simples rules.

Great music is the key for a cultural growth and humanist's awareness, to land to be a conscious kind of men. Music is education, social aid, politics, love and light, so our purpose is driving a cultural revolution and letting South Italy become again the cradle of innovation and love for the "muse of the muses", following an ancient italian adagio.

We are distributing our music with international services and partners, so you will find our releases on Spotify, Itunes, Beatport, Bandcamp, Amazon, Google play, Youtube, media stores, our website and more.

Basic Records Hub

the Basic Records Hub

Releases and News


ONE has been the first compilation by BASIC Records, showing you all the souls of what we call Hypo-labels, containing tracks from our artists of various styles, compiled with our vision in mind, for your enlightening journey. LISTEN NOW MORE!